A Los Angeles native with French and Tahitian roots and a deep passion for world travel, Steph embraces different cultures and all ways of life. Born with the joie de vivre, she lives everyday with a smile!

At the age of 13, Steph, her parents and two brothers moved to Tahiti where her mother is from.  It was a challenging adjustment for a 13 year old and being that she's a big dreamer, Steph had every intention to  get back to LA.  At 15 she convinced her parents to let her move back to live with her aunt, uncle and two cousins.  From that day, Steph knew that with a positive mind, confidence, dedication and effort anything is possible.    

In 2012, Steph signed up for the 200-hour Teacher Training at YogaWorks, not to become a teacher but more so to deepen her practice and understanding of yoga.  She fiercely fell in love with the different aspects of yoga and devoted another 300 hours to YogaWorks’ Professional Teacher Training program with mentor Kia Miller.  It was then very clear to Steph that she would leave her job as a successful recruiter to pursue a passion and career in yoga.  To this day, she's never looked back and continues to manifest her dreams. 

Steph is always looking to expand her knowledge of yoga.  She plans to continue her education, as well as observe her students' transformations as she feels she learns the most while being in the presence of her students.