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Fall in love with yoga beyond the postures, embody yoga off the mat, and use these ancient practices to live an authentic life.

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Client Testimonials



“Yoga has always intimidated me.  When Steph took over the class I was taking, I truly fell in love with yoga.  Right when you meet her, you immediately connect with her warmth, kindness and peaceful spirit.  Even though it has continued to be challenging for me, Steph has made me realize it is not about being the most flexible or graceful - it is about being strong and centered - finding balance and peace within yourself.  Steph, thank you so much!!!” - Erin Felman, Candidate Coordinator


"I began my yoga practice with Steph in 2013 - she instantly took me from a terrified newcomer to an optimistic beginner with her sunny enthusiasm, bright smile, and heartfelt love for yoga and teaching.  I am so happy I got to start my yoga journey with Steph and I look forward to practicing with her for years to come." - Taylor Dudley, Staff Attorney


Hi. I’m Steph.

A Los Angeles native with French and Tahitian roots and a deep passion for living life authentically and to its fullest, I embrace my joie de vivre and graciously share it with those I love, my yoga community and random people I come into contact with.