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A Los Angeles native with French and Tahitian roots and a deep passion for living life authentically and to its fullest, I embrace my joie de vivre and graciously share it with those I love, my yoga community and random people I come into contact with.  

When I took my first teacher training in 2012, it was never my intention to teach yoga full time.  However, after completing 500 hours of training through the YogaWorks method with my mentor and teacher Kia Miller, it was obvious that I would leave a very cushioned corporate job as a successful recruiter to pursue my passion in teaching.  Since then, I’ve devoted my time to studying and practicing yoga, having traveled to India many different times to complete another 300 hours of training with Radiant Body Yoga. I love reading yogic texts, experimenting with different breath and meditation practices to truly understand what works for my body, mind and spirit.

My Vinyasa flow classes provide for a positive, challenging and encouraging environment where students can thrive. My style of teaching is influenced by the trainings of my mentor and love of pranayama, otherwise known as breath work or life force. My goal is to help students understand the importance of linking movement to breath. This helps calm the nervous system and taps into a more spacious, stress free, and compassionate way of life.  I believe that when we live from that place of being calm, clear minded and stress free, we can live authentically and connected to our own unique light.

When I’m not teaching yoga, I make a point to wear anything but yoga pants :) I absolutely love being with my husband David and daughter Maeva and am up for any activity that includes them, especially traveling the world.  I’m also a great cook and love spending time in my kitchen (it runs in my family!).