Life After India

It has been almost two months since my return from India, where I studied Meditation & The Mind and Kriya, Flow & The Art of Teaching.  I am still unsure of how to describe the very special and profound experience I had.  My journey to that mystical and magical land gave me the courage and space to dive deep within myself.  I was able to accept my shadow side and ultimately fully embrace the light and power that is within.  When I returned home, it was obvious to me, and those in my life, that something inside me shifted.  That shift occurred due to long hours of meditation and personal practice (Sadhana), self study (Swadhyaya), chanting, practicing Kundalini yoga, spending time in nature, eating organic balanced (Sattvic) foods and being with a community of people who are like minded (Sangha).  It was truly a powerful experience!


Instead of telling you in detail what I learned, I will tell you how I have integrated my experience into my everyday life. 

1. Meditate EVERYDAY

This has been key for me, as when I returned home, I felt my energy and light radiating more so than ever.  The good news is one doesn’t need to travel to India to glow.  Meditation is a wonderful way to tap into the light within.  Traditionally, it is best to meditate before the sun rises and at the same time everyday, but I meditate whenever I wake up. When meditating first thing in the morning, the mind is less active and I get to greet myself and choose how I want to direct my energy that day.

2. Put myself at the top of my priority list

For me, #1 and #2 go together.  I make my Sadhana a priority – as my teacher Kia says, “it is non-negotiable!” When I make myself a priority, I am able to show up to my classes more present and care for the people I love with 100% commitment.

3. Stay physically active

In India, our practices were very deep and dynamic to help move energy along the spine, which prepares you for meditation.  Upon my return, I spent a lot of time hiking to try to beat the jet lag, but mostly to connect with nature and absorb some of its Prana (energy/life force). I also stay inspired by showing up on my mat, taking other teachers’ classes (there is always something to learn!), going for a walk or bike ride.  I move the energy that is within, so it’s not stagnant and heavy.

4. Start a community (Sangha)

I met some incredible people in India who inspired me to show up for myself, and who subtly held space for me to take that journey within.  Whenever I can, I reach out to them, family, friends, soul sisters, yogis, loved ones – anyone I admire and who is an example of living a mindful, abundant and creative life!

5. Make time and space

In order for me to apply all of the above, I had to do a little Spring Cleaning with my schedule and home.  In India, I learned the true meaning of “less is more.” When I returned, it was important for me to let go of opportunities or things that were no longer serving me.  This helped me create space for spontaneity, new experiences and connections.  Today I am more interested in living a life Being than Doing.

Stephanie Crochet